Unity Ministries

Uniting Nations In This Year


Where Kids Can Be Kids (even if they are 40 yrs old)

ComMuNIty cONnecTIOn

Bringing Family and Friends Together While Having Fun

On Friday nights at The Hang Out, we pull together families and friends to have fun with each other. Every home is different and because of the daily struggles of life, FUN can sometimes be pushed to the back burner. For single parents, long hours at work to make ends meet, helping with homework, and a  lack of positive friendships for their child are also very challenging. The list goes on and on. We at “The Hang Out” do our best to share the love of God in words, actions, and attitude while building a genuine community in the neighborhood where we live. And it works! Not only is it fun for the kids, we also find ourselves providing solutions for some of the parent’s problems. Everyone leaves with a smile

KidS cONnecTIOn

Where Kids Can Be Kids ( even if they are 40 yrs old :-) )

You’ve heard that everything is BIG in Texas and LOVE is no exception. It started off slow but eventually neighbors and some parents chipped in with food. We as a community watch out for our neighbor’s kids.  We are in need of a commercial building for more space; however, we do not want the children to lose the warm feeling of being loved. It is important to “The Hang Out” that we provide a safe, supportive environment.

rESouRcE cONnecTIOn

Help Students Achieve Academically

While Sharing The Love Of God

Once “The Hang Out” is in a larger place we can call HOME, we will provide even more programs and activities for our youth. “The Hang Out’s” plan is to build a foundation for students to actively discover self-awareness through:

* Parent Support and Counseling

* Goal Setting and Character Development

* After School Tutoring

* School Supply and Uniform Giveaway

* Youth Outdoor Activities

* Fishing Trips

* Game Nights

* Movie Nights

* Father and Daughter Dinner Nights

* Mother and Son Dinner Nights  

* Parenting and Counselling

* Bible Studies

Bringing Unity In A Community

A Strong, Safe, Supportive Environment For Our Kids Future

With donations and partnerships we can provide opportunities for our neighbors to take proactive steps toward a hope-filled, positive lifestyle and environment. At “The Hang Out” we can create a place for our Kids to be Kids!  

How did tHe HanG OuT get started?

The Hang Out started a couple of years ago as a family night at the Richardson’s home. Family, friends, and neighborhood kids would participate in playing video games. It began with Wii Sports then moved over to the Xbox 360 Kinect. After talking to parents in the neighborhood and through word of mouth, “The Hangout” rapidly grew. We now have as many as twenty-five kids along with parents participating and the numbers keeps growing! As the numbers increase we realized the demand for snacks was great so we began buying snacks such as cookies, popcorn, and hot dogs, just to name a few. We couldn’t keep enough water in the refrigerator for all the thirsty kids so we invested in a water cooler. Even though all of snacks and everything were out of our own pockets, we loved doing it! Some of the children wanted to watch movies on Friday nights as well, which is also a Richardson tradition. Now our Friday nights alternate between games and movies. The Hang Out is a place where kids can be kids while having fun and spending time with their family and friends. We are in need of donations and a larger place on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Once in our new place we will also start our after school programs as well as our kids TV show where the kids run the show!

wHAt wE nEEd at The hAnG oUT

We are in need of a commercial building in the Southwest Houston area. Our home has become overwhelmed with kids and parents and we cannot accommodate everyone at the same time. We also need a van for picking up and taking home kids that want to come. Some live as far as 40+ miles away.  In the building we will need a Big Screen TV, Xbox 360 Kinect, and a Blue ray Player with a Sound system for our  Game and Movie nights. We Need Computers for the after school programs. Food and snack donations must be sealed and store bought for the safety of the kids. Last but not least, cash donations are always welcome to help cut cost.