Unity Ministries

Uniting Nations In This Year


Unity Ministries is a multifaceted 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Christian Ministry that is striving to meet the needs of the Body Of Christ and our surrounding community. To educate and prepare the young and old for a better life in this society, while upholding DIGNITY and presenting CHRIST in our daily living.


Unity Ministries



Pastor Richardson was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. At the age of 8, his mother enrolled him in CASA, a Conservatory School of Fine Arts in St. Louis. He attended CASA for eleven years where he studied all styles of music, theory and drumming under the direction of Mr. Glenn (PAPA) Wright. While attending CASA he was exposed to several professional areas of gospel music and he performed with well-known gospel music artists such as John P. Kee, Marvin Winans, BeBe & CeCe, Keith Staton, The Clark Sisters, Beau Williams, Helen Baylor, Yolanda Adams, the late James Moore, and the late Brenda Waters, just to name a few. Before moving to Houston in 1991, he worked for Shalamar Studios as a studio drummer and teacher for two years. His other accomplishments include playing for gospel stage plays, crusades, conventions and conferences which were host to familiar individuals such as T.D. Jakes, Rick Joiner, Dr. Handby, Creflo Dollar and Don Meares.

His engineering career started while he was in high school. His Architectural work earned him several commercial building designing contracts before and after attending B.I.T. Engineering School of Arts. He attended B.I.T. for Mechanical and Architectural Engineering, and has design several Churches and commercial buildings in several States. In Residential, Pastor Ben has not only rehab homes here in Texas but has design and build several homes in the State of Missouri. He later established a career in computers using several computer software for Mechanical and Robotic designs.  This move open doors for him to work with several companies using his Mechanical design skills. Pastor Ben decided this year 2016 to offer his Architectural services to Churches who have a vision to build. By providing Preliminary Drawings at a low rate, it will enable the Pastor of the Church to get not only his vision visible, but to become reality.


In 2000 while living in his current residence of Houston, Pastor Richardson accepted the call and later established Unity Ministries, a ministry dedicated to reaching the lost and broken, unifying individuals into the very heart of Christ. Pastor Richardson, along with his wife Althea Richardson, who has a Masters in Human Service and Christian Counseling,  have been commissioned to go back to the basics in teaching God’s Word using stories of the past to address problems of today. Pastor Richardson’s ministry work within the community of Houston and the surrounding cities has earned him many awards from officials in the City of Houston and Killeen, Texas as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and others. In addition, his ministry opened doors of opportunities for him, including guest appearances on several television stations such as BET, TBN, Daystar, as well as Bobby Jones Gospel Show and Houston's own Debra Duncan Show. Promoting Unity Ministries along with his book, “Life before Adam”, enabled his teachings to be used as tools in several schools. With his video sermons, worship CD’s and books, Pastor Richardson has shared the Word of God and reached the masses across the world. On January of this year, he released two new series entitled, “Spiritual Warfare: Dealing with Demons”, along with “Commandments from Our Commander”. These series are sure to make a major impact within the Body of Christ and in the world.



Althea Richardson resides in Houston, TX with her husband of 15 years, Pastor Ben D. Richardson II and two teenagers. Althea is the 1st Lady of Unity Ministries where she has been in the ministry of help for over 20 years. As a young adult, women looked to Althea for advice in various situations such as marriage and relationships. In 2005, while networking with another ministry as an email mentor for girls, she felt the need to reach out to hurting women via online chat, thus the beginning her online biblical counseling for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. In 2013 at the age of 41, Althea received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Christian Counseling, Crisis Counseling, and Life Coaching. In December of 2014, she received her Master’s in Human Services with a specialization in Marriage and Family Counseling. Her passion lies in seeing women freed from their past, helping them understand God’s purpose for their life, and moving them forward in victory. Althea’s future plans are to open an outreach center that offers assistance with resource referrals, tutoring for children and adolescents, life coaching, youth mentoring, Christian counseling and other needs of the community.



Camille Johnson is an overcomer of being silenced through physical and sexual abuse. She grew up in Ohio and lived in a loving and supportive family. Camille’s mother and father divorced at the age of three; therefore, she spent a lot of time with her grandparents. The grandparents were very active members of the church. Her grandfather was the president of the usher board and grandma was in prayer band, sunshine band other committees. Camille was on the usher board and sung in the choir.

Camille is presently in college taking up crisis counseling so that she can help others overcome the trap that the enemy has set. She has two sons both were airmen. She was ordained on December 20, 2015 for ministry and she has been teaching Sunday school. She is working in a cancer hospital in the Anesthesia Assessment Center triaging patients for future procedures and surgeries. Camille plans are to open a women’s center to help battered women and children rebuild and restore their lives. Through a program to reintroduce them back in to a normal life.

Mission Statement

Where the aborted for whatever reason individually and collectively are Holy, Unified together into the very heart of Christ. Surrendering all into his like-mindedness and are stamped approved and loved.

We are a signature series of ministry outreaches unified for the advancements of the Kingdom of God. Whom is being lead by His Holy Spirit Sanctified into Christ’s Consciousness the Very Word of God

To provide a safe secure and stable House of the Lord


To teach others how to open doors of close mindedness to the realization of Christ Consciousness. Leading them to create their secret place so they can experience personally the reality of the Living Christ within them.

Tipping their scales to the fulfillment and completeness they can find in Christ.

Our Goal

To Win Souls By The Multitude, Educate Them, Produce Quality Jobs To Hire Them And Meet The Needs Of The People So They Can Become The Product That GOD Wants Them To Be.